Performance Appraisal Systems for Educators

Evaluation of Teachers

IBRIC began working in 1991 with Jordan School District in Utah to assess existing teacher performance evaluation systems and then to develop a new measurement system that would be most appropriate to that district's needs. IBRIC has participated with Jordan District up to the present time to construct, validate, norm, implement and continue to monitor the functioning of the Jordan Performance Appraisal System (JPAS).

The measurement aspect of this system consists of a structured classroom observation device completed by specially trained school administrators. The foundation of JPAS is the research on effective teaching. Using scoring procedures and feedback reports that rely on IBRIC-created software, JPAS has been operating since 1995 in Jordan School District. IBRIC completes annual evaluations of JPAS to make sure it is functioning as designed.

Evaluation of Classified Employees in School Districts

Over a three-year period, IBRIC worked with the Jordan School District in building and implementing a state of the art system for the evaluation of classified employees in the district. This study involved an extensive review of the national literature, systematic work with the Jordan Classified Evaluation System committee, instrument construction, and validation of the system. These efforts resulted in the creation of validated evaluation forms for each of the thirteen families of classified jobs in the district. Extensive work has been done with classified employees and supervisors to ensure the content validity of the various evaluation forms and to make sure the new system meets the needs of both employees and supervisors.

IBRIC worked with Jordan School District in building and implementing two highly effective, state of the art performance appraisal systems -- one for teacher evaluation and one for evaluating classified employees.

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