Our Capability

IBRIC has an extensive history of providing services to many organizations, including the US Navy, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Departments of Labor, Treasury, and Health and Human Services, the Utah State Office of Education, and school districts in Utah, including Jordan, Salt Lake City, Granite, Davis, and Murray. Early talent identification work took us to North American Rockwell and Ethyl Corporation.

Over the years IBRIC has earned the trust and respect of business professionals, government officials, administrators, and educators within all of these organizations. This trust and respect has been based on the reliability and quality of the measurement, research, and evaluation efforts that have been done.

Measurement expertise is a key attribute of all IBRIC staff members, and the staff has extensive experience in all forms of data collection and analysis. Our people have been involved in the creation and validation of large-scale assessment systems, such as the General Aptitude Test Battery and the State of Utah Core Assessment series. Plus we have been involved in the development of client-focused instruments for hundreds of studies, large and small, that used survey techniques with employees, students, teachers, parents, and other types of respondents.

IBRIC has conducted research and evaluation projects in a variety of areas. These efforts have all been aimed at helping organizations and individuals realize their potential. The links at the top right of this page lead to more extensive descriptions of IBRIC's organizational capability and the backgrounds and accomplishments of IBRIC and its staff. Top

Major Areas

Educational Assessment and Program Evaluation

Facilitating Organizational Development

Performance Appraisal

Identifying Professional and Academic Capability

Information Management