Identification of Professional and Academic Capability

IBRIC has an extensive history of identifying high-performing individuals in a wide variety of settings through the use of biographical data. These biographical inventories (BIs) have been uniquely designed for specific applications.

For instance, IBRIC designed biographical inventories for NASA and three industrial organizations to examine the relationships among biographical data and performance measures for scientists and engineers. The results indicated a consistent pattern of highly significant cross-validities. Self reports of independence, autonomy, and professional self-confidence were important predictors of scientific performance. Similar results were obtained on physicians and nurse scientists. Collectively, these studies also provided a foundation for later work on the identification of talent among students.

A pair of biographical inventories developed for high school students showed that items derived from the adult BIs could yield scores with meaningful patterns of relationships on students.

IBRIC student BIs have been translated into different languages to serve research needs. For example, a graduate dissertation used a translation of one of our BIs to predict academic success on college students in Taiwan. A similar study was successful with Spanish speaking students.

BIs can be used to identify professionals and students across cultural lines who are more likely to succeed.

IBRIC's biographical inventories have been used to help organizations select highly qualified employees and to help art schools find distinguished performers.

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